28 November 2009

Knit video tape - Neulo videonauhaa

Most of us have lots of video tapes we are no longer using. Open the casing with a screwdriver and take the tape reels out. There are many things that can be made when you knit, crochet or weave the tape. I'm making a rug for the bathroom using tape. If you think that too rough for your feet, use the rug at your entrance - or make a bag out of it.

I use hollow plastic needles metric size 10 (thickness of my little finger) and just knit back and forth, using the tape and coloured linen thread at the same time.

Knitted baby mittens - vauvan lapaset

I knitted the cuffs on smaller needles, knit 2, purl 2, so the mittens stay on better. 24 stiches, I knitted round on 4+1 needles.

Ranneosa on neulottu pienemmillä puikoilla, että siitä tulee tiukempi. 24 s.

Here's a chart for the lace part:
Pitsineuleosan kaavio:

24 November 2009

Crochet toys for baby mobile

Recently I brought this baby mobile as a present for my new granddaughter. The hanging animals are fixed with velcro, so I decided to crochet alternative toys to hang on the mobile. Here they are, each have a string attached to a bit of velcro at the back.

Each figure is made of two circles of about 9 cm in double crochet (single crochet in American terms) and I crocheted them together from the edges, putting some wadding inside. The mouth is sewn on, the eyes small crochet circles sewn on. After the middle bits were finished I added various kinds of petals and frills to them.

The curly bits on the bottom right flower are done like this:
make a starting chain about 3 times the length you want the frill to be. Crochet back on it by making two double crochet stiches (single crochet if American) in each chain stitch. When you are finished you still need to curl it around your finger so it becomes even.

7 November 2009

Bead earrings - korvakoruja helmistä

There are millions of lovely beads you can buy as well as other components to make up earrings. I have bought these in London at www.beadworks.co.uk but I'm sure you'll find them close to where you live or else in the many online stores. Here a photo of a few I've made.

Kauniita helmiä ja muita korvakoruihin tarvittavia osia myydään monissa paikoissa ja niistä on kiva tehdä mieleisiään korvakoruja. Nämä ostin Lontoon reissulla, mutta varmasti löytyy lähempääkin ja verkkokaupoista. www.beadworks.co.uk Tässä kuva muutamista tekemistäni korvakoruista.