21 October 2012

Mittens in Tunisian crochet

I have been doing Tunisian crochet before but this was my first projet doing it on the round with a double-ended hook. I enjoy the technique, it could be used for many interesting projects.. 

The thumb gore. You pick up the same loop twice to increase.

Binding offy ou take two loops at once - forms a pretty row of stiches.

2 October 2012

Little girl's hat in freeform knitting/crochet

I love knitting and crocheting without much planning! I made this hat for my granddaughter for her 3rd birthday.

The hat is 50 cm in circumference. I have used many different yarns but all are at least 70% wool and about the same in thickness, double knitting. I cast on 106 stitches and used 3½ mm needles and hook. The hat is one rectangular piece, sewn together at the moddle back. the top seam has been joined by double crochet. Apart from that, I have used whatever knitting or crochet came to mind!

Here some close-ups:

6 September 2012



Last year I wrote that I wasn't going to continue this blog and concentrate on my Finnish one instead. But lately I have started to be a bit more active on Ravelry. That made me realise I need an English blog, too. So, instead of starting a new one, I continue this one! Especially the pattern for a crochet flower continues to bring people here.

Here photos of some of my recent projects:

Crochet jacket I wore at a wedding in May:

Left-over weaving linen crocheted into coasters:

Freeform knitting in socks:

Crochet dress for my little granddaughter:

In the spring I started working on an afghan out of all sorts of leftover yarns I have. It got too hot to work on it in the summer, so now I plan to get on with it!

And more to come, I have several projects on the way. Just got lovely new wool yesterday for a little girl's cardigan. Will make a pattern to publish in Ravelry.