6 September 2012



Last year I wrote that I wasn't going to continue this blog and concentrate on my Finnish one instead. But lately I have started to be a bit more active on Ravelry. That made me realise I need an English blog, too. So, instead of starting a new one, I continue this one! Especially the pattern for a crochet flower continues to bring people here.

Here photos of some of my recent projects:

Crochet jacket I wore at a wedding in May:

Left-over weaving linen crocheted into coasters:

Freeform knitting in socks:

Crochet dress for my little granddaughter:

In the spring I started working on an afghan out of all sorts of leftover yarns I have. It got too hot to work on it in the summer, so now I plan to get on with it!

And more to come, I have several projects on the way. Just got lovely new wool yesterday for a little girl's cardigan. Will make a pattern to publish in Ravelry.

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