27 February 2010

Virkattu kukka - ohje, Crochet flower instructions

Here instructions for the crocheted flower I used in the baby cardigan.
Tässä kuvaohjeet vauvan villatakissa käyttämääni kukkaan.

Aluksi 6 ketjusilmukkaa, renkaaksi piilosilmukalla.
Chain 6, join with slip stich.

Renkaaseen 8 kiinteää silmukkaa.
8 single crochet into the ring.

Terälehdet luodaan venytetyillä silmukoilla. Venytä silmukat niin pitkiksi kuinka isoja terälehtiä haluat. Langankierto koukulle ennenkuin vedät seuraavan langan alla olevan kiinteän silmukan läpi.
The flower petals are crocheted using stretched stiches. Stretch them to the length of the size of petals you want. Yarn over hook before making the next stich through the single crochet stich below.

Tähän kukkaan 3 langankiertoa ja 3 silmukkaa.
I used 3 times yarn over hook + 3 stiches for my flower.

Kiinnitä lankalenkit yhdellä kiinteällä silmukalla.
Attach the loops with a single crochet stich.

Niin monta ketjusilmukkaa, että ketju on yhtä korkea kuin lankalenkit. Tässä 5 kjs.
Chain enough to make a chain the same length as your loops. I needed 5.

Kiinteä silmukka terälehden viereen. Jatka seuraavasta silmukasta uusi terälehti vetämällä lanka taas lenkiksi.
A single crochet stitch into the stich at the base of the petal. Continue by making a new petal into the next stitch.

Jatka samalla tavoin rengas täyteen terälehtiä.
Continue until you have enough petals to fill the ring.

Päättele langat. Valmis :)
Finish off threads. Done :)

Floral baby cardigan - kukallinen vauvan villatakki

Today I finished another cardigan for my now 5-month-old granddaughter. Here it is:

A close-up:

Kuvallinen ohje virkatun kukan tekemiseen.

Instructions with photos for making the crochet flower.

11 February 2010

Basket out of postcards - Kori postikorteista

When I was a child my mother always made little house-shaped baskets out of postcards. Each child had their own baskets for keeping all sorts of small things in. I am member of Postcrossing and therefore have loads of postcards. I decided to start using some of them for making baskets, and here is the first one finished:

The house basket requires 14 postcards of the same size. Here a couple of photos of the work process:

6 February 2010

C-cassettes, popcorn stich and granny squares

Since Christmas haven't got much done but wanted to add something here. I'm trying a new thing: crocheting of c-cassette tapes. A friend gave me piles of old tapes and I took the reels out of them all. Sofar have only tried a bit but already noticed that the material goes well for lace crochet. Now need to think what to use it for.

Also knitted a wool bolero for myself, using what seems to be called a popcorn stich.

When I'm not making other things I continue on my colourful granny square bedspread. One day I will finish it! Here's where I am at the moment:

A knitted top for my niece's 1st birthday: