20 December 2009

Knitted mini-doll, neulottu mininukke

When I was a child and teenager I made loads of these dolls. Now this one is to hang on my granddaughter's pram or bouncy. She loves looking at colourful things. It is very easy to make and you could add things like buttons or hair to it.

19 December 2009

Videotape crochet bag - videonauhasta virkattu kassi

Finished a shopping bag for my Mum. It is crocheted out of videotape. Made in a very simple way with double crochet. Also the handles are crocheted, they are very long, reach to more than half way down the sides and sewn on very securely.

17 December 2009

Quick crochet scarf - nopeasti virkattu huivi

I made several scarfs like this for Christmas presents. It is very easy crochet in chunky wool, using crochet needle size 8 mm. Feels lovely, soft and warm. I used Novita Teddy.

This is how:
  • Chain 20 + 4 for turning (makes a scarf 25 cm wide)
  • Treble to 5th stitch from hook, *1 ch, skip 1, 1 treble*, repeat until end of row
  • *chain 3, 1 double crochet into loop*, repeat unti end of rown, turn
  • Continue until your scarf is long enough, mine is 140 cm.