19 December 2009

Videotape crochet bag - videonauhasta virkattu kassi

Finished a shopping bag for my Mum. It is crocheted out of videotape. Made in a very simple way with double crochet. Also the handles are crocheted, they are very long, reach to more than half way down the sides and sewn on very securely.


  1. can we get one too - or could you send us a picture/video???
    or just get in contact with us. we are a filmproduction called videotape and we are searching for crazy/arty things made out of videotape.

    please say hello@videotape.tv

  2. I don't have that bag any more, it was a gift. I have kept lots of old tapes that I have taken out of the cases but haven't had time so far to make anything with them. But could make you a smaller item if that was any use - the bag takes a lot of time to make.


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