10 May 2009

Choosing colours

All my free time continues to be spent on recorating my new home. I have moved many many times in the past and decorated several homes. Little by little I have got to know what I want my home to look like to feel happy and at home there. For me the most important thing is strong colours.

Every person is different and therefore nobody can tell anyone else what sort of colours they should have in their home. I find that the best advice is to get a picture, piece of fabric, a scene in a movie, object, anything... that makes you feel invigorated and content. That warm feeling that this is ME. Then use the style of that item to model your home. This time I'm doing exactly this and feel very happy about the results. I'll post photos later on when the apartment isn't so messy with tools and bits and pieces all over the floors!

This photo is one of those that really felt lovely to me. Unfortunately can't remember anymore where I got it from.

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