14 December 2013

Christmas tree memories

This year I bought a new Christmas tree. Here in Finland lots of people use real trees but they don't last as long as I want my tree to be up. Here many families only get the tree a couple of days before Christmas -  for me that would be loosing so much of Christmas!

Many of the decorations bring back memories. This year there are even more of those. During the year we emptied my mother's home. My sister, brother and I divided the older decorations between us.

Mother had had this decoration before she was married in 1960 and I remember it from every Christmas in my childhood.

Either myself or my sister made this basket heart in the late 60's.

This is later - part of a large bow I made when my own children were small in the late 80's. I just love Christmas prints in fabrics!

There decorations also bring back memories. In the late 80's and early 90's in Ireland crafts were my work for part of the year. I have kept some of the decorations I sold at craft fairs. I loved the atmosphere in the Irish craft fairs! The one I loved best was yearly at the Argory gentry house (not a paid ad :)!) Maybe that was because it was also the one where I sold best!

Have a lovely Christmas time!

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