31 May 2014

Bamboo hat for newborn, pattern link

One of my daughters just had her first child, a baby boy! Here in Finland each new mother get this pack full of baby clothes and items, from the social security. It includes a boring white hat that all mums seem to wear on their babies.  I thought of making a nicer one if you really think that a newborn should wear a hat, often even inside. I didn't but then I didn't bring my children up in Finland until they were much older!
(Here's a link to the hat in question: www.kela.fi/documents/10180/1525732/2014_Myssy/97eac646-59a9-4bc9-b722-82025f689aed?t=1392382842129 )

The pattern is available in PDF format in Ravelry


  1. Thank you, Yes the White hat is Boring, Well done on your Cheerful Hats, I love the Pistachio coloured one. :)

    1. Thanks! These are quick to make, so could make one to match every outfit :)

  2. Thank you for translating this well designed hat into English, Tuula.


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