23 August 2014

Sock blockers using Ikea bendable chopping boards

I have long wanted to have sock blockers. Only I haven't wanted to buy them and have been too lazy to make them!  I always wet finished socks thoroughly, shape them on a towel and let them dry. But that way it is hard to get them exactly the same shape and size. 

I had considered making them out of hobby clay that hardens in the oven. But I got a better idea from a discussion in a Facebook craft group. Someone mentioned they had made them using bendable chopping boards from Ikea (Hippusia-blog, in Finnish only). I decided to drop in at Ikea (15 minutes drive from my home) and get those to try that.

The chopping boards come in packs of two. Price at the moment £1.40 in Britain, 1.99€ and the same in dollars.

You need the boards, a carpet knife (or scissors you use for heavier work) and a base to cut on. I used a thick wooden baking board that pulls out of my kitchen units.


I drew a shape using a finished sock of the right size. When cutting the second one I used the first one like a stencil. With the second one I noticed that I could have saved some of the board for making blocks for children's socks by drawing the shape closer to the edge!

I cut a hole to the top of the sock shape for hanging. Then I wrote the shoe size on the blocks. Make sure to use permanent felt tips!

Finished! Easier to take photos of new socks, too, rather than photographing them on my own feet.
These are hanging from my top closet door handles with Ikea hooks that are normally used to hang keys in my hall.


  1. I make sock blockers out of wire hangers (the kind from the dry cleaner/laundry.

    I reshape them the hanger hook remains the same. the top sides are folded to make the leg, one corner is inverted to make instep (talas) part of heel, the other corner becomes the heel. the bottom of hanger is folded to make the toe. (see Stitch & Bitch Nation, or google for images) 2 hanger (free!) make one pair of sock blockers. I have lots of socks (over 6 dozen) and i wash my socks by the loadful-I need dozens and dozens of blockers and $2 a pair it too much money!

    1. Yes, I have seen photos of blockers made out of wire hangers. It is also a very good idea and I would like to try it sometimes!


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