6 February 2015

Valentine's Day heart with chart

Lately I have been crocheting many kinds of hearts. This is my favourite. Decided to draw a chart of how to crochet it and planning on making a video, too. (Edit: video at the bottom of the page!).

I was trying the heart out using white yarn just because I happened to have some on the table. I normally like more colourful things but I like the white heart too!

Here is a chart for crocheting the heart. A few times I have used Photoshop or Illustrator for making charts but it is far too slow! This I just drew with a pencil!

So you start in the middle by chaining 5. I marked the starts of rows on yellow pen.

This is how to make the group of raised trebles:

Here is also a video of how to crochet the heart:


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