3 January 2014

Collage of 2013 projects

I have a folder on my computer called Craftblog 2013. Here a compilation os some of projects.

Top row: Crochet scarf, Heart of fabric strips, Knit graffiti event
Middle row: Multi-coloured summer top, Crazy wool-technique, Stitch markers
Bottom row: Bling-bling socks, Child's legwarmers, Multi-coloured summer top

Top row: Freeform scarfChristmas tree bauble of Christmas fabrics, Cabled socks
Middle row: Corchet mini-bunny, Heavy cowl with buttons, Scarf in sprang technique (photos of the technique in my Finnish blog, sorry haven't translated yet)
Bottom row: Scarf in slipstitch crochet, Short socks, Mini-socks for Christmas tree

My favourite of these all was the colourful summer top. It seems to have been a favourite for others, too, because several people stopped me to ask about it!

But it is a new year now and my wool stash is bursting! Happy knitting / crochet / craft year to all!

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