5 January 2014

Lace in 1939 magazine

I found a women's magazine from the year 1939 among Mum's things. In many ways it felt sad to read it as it had been printed a short time before the war started also in Finland. So many hard years were ahead.

There was an article about different kinds on lace. I especially liked the one in the photo. The photo is not sharp, I tried many different ways to sharpen it but the original simply is what printing was at that time. Someone said it might be bobbin lace but it looks crochet to me. There aren't any kind of instructions or chart. Here my first try to make one like it:

To make one like in the photo you would need very thin crochet thread and a small hook. I used wool and a crochet hook 3.0 mm, so the result is a circle of  22 cm (8½ in).

It took a while to work out the order of the different parts! You could get the same result in many different ways, I'm sure.

 I didn't want the petals (or leaves) so tightly together. But by not adding the chain stitch between each double treble it would be tighter.

We'll see if I end up making something using this pattern design!

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