20 November 2013

Cable cowl

Made this cowl without any plans who it would be for. One of my daughters decided it was for her!

This photo shows the technique used:

The wool is Raggae tweed, with suggested needle size of 5-6 mm.The whole cowl is garter stitch.
35 stitches in groups of 7.
7 sts of garter sts - 7 sts for the cable - 7 sts of garter sts in the middle -  7 sts for the cable - 7 sts of garter sts. The "cables" are formed by platting together strips in the middle of the work. For each strip I cast off 7 sts and cast on 7 the next row at the same place. Each strip is 8 rows.

After you have knitted a length that goes twice around the neck (this one is 120 cm long), bind off. Twist the first strip so it forms a circle. Pull the next loop through it, as if crocheting with your fingers. Continue like this through all the strips. Then do the same with the second lot of strips. At the send, sew the cowl to form a cirlce. Sew the last cables so they don't come loose.

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