19 November 2013

Crazy wool-technique

Crazy wool means simply that you use wool or other fibers in whatever way that comes to your mind. I attended a class about it for 4 evenings. I just loved it!

The first panel

This panel was made on top a sturdy base fabric. Then I spread all sorts of yarns, lace and ribbons on it. The top layer is a water-soluble fabric. the whole lot was sewn together using  free stitching on a sewing machine.

Here it is after the sewing and after the soluble fabric has been washed away:

Another one made in the same way but smaller:

The second panel

This time we added also felting wool. I have lots of at home in all sorts of colours. I chose my favourites, pinks and purples.

There is a water soluble fabric both below and above the wool. Again I stitched it all together.

Here the soluble fabric is being washed away:

Then I felted the panel by hand, using also steam.

The finished panel measures 27 x 27 cm. Before the sewing and felting it was 35 x 35 cm.

The panel fitted perfectly on a cushion I had. I stitched it on it by hand.


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