25 November 2013

Christmas tree bauble of patchwork fabrics

At the end of 80's and early 90's I used to live in Ireland and work at crafts. Each year I spent several months making and selling Christmas decorations. I just loved it! This patchwork bauble was one of my most sold items. I hadn't made any for years now and felt very nostalgic making this one!

Unfortunately I didn't find the golden sewing thread I bought a couple of weeks ago. So had to sew this in red, but it isn't bad either!

Nowadays I knit and crochet far more than sew, so last Christmas time I made up a pattern to use this same idea in granny square baubles. The pattern is available free in Ravelry.

Size of the sewn bauble is 6,5 cm (2½ in). Here some photos of making it:

You need some wadding to put inside each part.

Quick to make, time to make many for Christmas!

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