14 February 2009

Artist book of childhood memories

This book is a mixture of a scrap book and an artist book I suppose. I have put together many of the things I found when my childhood home was sold a couple of years ago. There are many pages from primary school exercixe books, an old timetable written by my first grade teacher, a card for my first birthday, a card to my mother in the 40's, a note written by my father who died soon 20 years ago, a piece of my mother's best dress in the 60's and so much more, with various bits of lace and other decorations.

Tämä kirja on varmaankin taitelijakirjan ja skräppäyksen sekoitus. Olen siihen koonnut esineitä, jotka löytyivät, kun lapsuudenkotini jokin aika sitten myytiin ja tyhjennettiin.

Primary school 1st and 2nd grade timetables, scrap angels I remember using in making Christmas cards when I was about 15, an old photo.

A primary school drawing

At school we got 1-3 stamps on exercises from the teacher, showing how well we had complited it. With my sisters I made little booklets with stories. Bottom left: how I hated the summer we had to collect and press flowers for school!

Page on the left:

I have always loved other cultures but as a child I didn't have the opportunity to travel. Therefore I had pen friends from different parts of the world as soon as I knew some English. The leaf picture was a gift by an Indian pen friend sometime in the 70's.

Page on the right:

Both my mother and I have woven many rugs. Therefore, when she moved house, much ready-cut rag rug material was found. These pieces all brought memories, like my father's working shirt, kitchen curtains when I was about 5, dresses mother made for me and my sister.

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