14 February 2009

Crochet in wool and cotton

I have always loved crocheting. Here are a few things I have made, some recent, some older. I first learned to crochet thin lace, then only later wool and other thicker materials. Some of these are very easy, others take a bit more skill to make. Starting with an easy one: a wool net scarf.

Then a top in lace crochet, with also a detailed photo. I must admit that the reason why there is a different looking bit on both sides is that the first version was a bit too small for me :)

A cardigan I finished a few weeks ago. Since I hardly ever use patterns for anything, I ended up making the bottom, lacy part twice because the first try was too tight. But I don't mind! Now that I'm not doing any craft or sewing for work, I enjoy it even when something needs to be done twice.

These mittens are a pattern I often used as a teenager. You first crochet the middle bits separately, front and back, then a few rows around them before joining the front and back. After that you last make the cuff, then crocheting round.

The little pram figure is one I have used in many baby cards, in different colours. It is starched with 50% sugar 50% water solution.

This crochet in jeans blue wool got lost when I moved about a year ago! It was a half made cardigan. It will eventually turn up from somewhere, I'm sure:


  1. Hello from Iceland - wondering about these mittens - how do you size them? DO you have a pattern and would you mind posting some more info about them? Thanks

  2. Sorry, had forgotten to answer... I don't have an actual pattern but I have made a number of them and could draw approximately how to make them. That is, if you still want that after all this time!


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