14 February 2009

Picks from the past

I made this tiny doll many many years ago when I was less than 10 years old. It was found a couple of years ago when my mother moved house. I have displayed various interesting articles in my entrance hall by attaching them on a piece of painted chicken wire net attached to the wall.

For the several years I worked in crafts in Britain I must have made hundreds of these crochet angels. Our radiators had a large flat top and from September to Christmas they were always covered with angels so that the sugar starch would dry.

I would have been around 14-15 when I knitted this jumper, combining any scraps of wool I had. I have made a couple in the same style since and each time it is such a delightful mess of balls of wool attached to the work at the same time. Much of the time in making these goes into trying to keep the wool from getting into knots.

I must have had a lot of patience as a teenager. I knitted these mittens using lenghts of wire as knitting needles and bobbin lace thread.

When my 3 children were small there were of course birthday parties often. I didn't want to use paper table cloths but made a colourful one from whatever craps of material I happened to have in hand at the time. Really it looks quite awful now but it has so many memories :) The cloth was used for many years.

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